Meet Inventor & Co-Founder Jenni Morse

Scott and Jenni Morse, Simpli Press Co-Founders

Meet Inventor & Co-Founder Jenni Morse

The path to the Simpli Press was anything but simple.


Archimedes’ eureka moment took place in the bathtub. Isaac Newton’s eureka moment came when an apple fell from a tree. 


For Simpli Press inventor Jenni Morse, it happened while she was asleep. 


“I literally just woke up in the middle of the night and I was like ‘ah’! That’s a great idea,” she says. But as is often the case, the seeds for this moment of inspiration were planted long before. 


Born in the Philippines and brought to the U.S. with her family as a child, the American notion of limitless possibility was instilled in Jenni at a young age. Her father was an inventor and serial entrepreneur. And Jenni knew from a young age that she wanted to be an entrepreneur as well. 


But after completing her Business Marketing degree without a clear next step, she found herself working as an executive recruiter. A health scare led her to think about what she wanted to get out of the next few years of her life, so she jotted down a list of three dreams: 


  1. Have children
  2. Build her own product-based business 
  3. Give back by supporting and empowering women and girls


But at that point, she didn't feel very close to achieving any of them.


Jenni always wanted to own a coffee shop, since this was the place where she felt at home.

In her downtime, she explored her passion for wonderful homemade food and coffee. She was a home barista - making her own espressos, cappuccinos, French press, and pour-over coffee. The French press appealed to her because of the rich oils and bold brew it created. But she hated the time commitment and the cleanup. She also longed for a smoother full-bodied brew and couldn’t find a brewer that met her needs.


Then in 2014 — eureka! 


Jenni jumped out of bed and began to sketch a plan for what would eventually become the Simpli Press. Two weeks later, she applied for a provisional patent with a design she’d created in Microsoft Word. Over the next year or so, she tinkered with her idea, even going so far as to create a prototype while she continued to work full-time at her executive recruiting job. 


But major life events in 2015 led Jenni to an important decision. Her father passed away in January of that year. She began to think about how she wanted to spend the rest of her life and realized it was time to make a change. 


She began to obsess over her fledgling design, and her dream of running her own product-based business wouldn’t let go. Eventually, the entrepreneurial spirit won out, and she decided to give the Simpli Press a fighting chance. 


A Kickstarter campaign in 2016 proved that the product had support, raising $150,000 in just a month. But that didn’t make the path forward an easy one. Jenni had to learn how the manufacturing process works and make several trips to China — all while pregnant with her first child. 


Now that the Simpli Press is in production, Jenni is on her way to accomplishing her list of dreams. She’s a mother of two and a small business owner based in Southern California. And she makes it a priority to donate to causes that support women and young coffee farmers whenever she can.  As the company grows, Jenni plans to increase those contributions, making Simpli Press a proud patron of the worldwide coffee community.


Powered by her favorite brew, Jenni is looking forward to the challenges ahead. She hopes that she can share her morning Simpli Press ritual with more people like her, and help make coffee lovers’ lives just a bit more beautiful. 


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