Simpli Press Customer Ritual Survey Results!

 Hi there Simpli Pressers!

First of all, thank you for all those who took the survey. We received an overwhelmingly positive response.

We had 153 respondents and below are some of the most interesting results:

We are very thankful for those who do love Simpli Press and would recommend to your friends and family. We made Simpli Press for you, believing that there are going to be people like us here that would appreciate the ritual. Now we have other people who now choose Simpli Press as their daily brewer, over traditional French presses, Pour-overs, etc. 

The amazing response confirmed our mission here and you guys are a part of that.

For some, it was easy peasy right from the beginning. Others, it took a few tries but now you guys are pros. For a few, it just never was meant to be.

We do understand that Simpli Press is not for everyone. This is the reason why we created Simpli Press since other manual brewing devices were not for us. We truly believe that there is a perfect brewer for everyone out there and we hope you find yours. Thank you for giving us a try.

Now, our favorite part. We loved reading the testimonials and good coffee sure does bring out the poets out of people. We will be putting them up on rotation for each newsletter and blogs to follow for a dose of brewing inspiration

Of course, Simpli Press is here to continue to evolve and serve the coffee-loving communities. 

Let's keep on to our mission and make the world a little better - one cup at a time.




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