Troubleshooting Videos

Need to learn how to brew and clean your Press?

Just like life, anything new can take a bit of practice. 

Ran into trouble? Shoot, we got you! 

Just like life, coffee and manual brewing can be unpredictable. 

Do not Fear. We are Here.

We’ve made some videos below to help you through some of life’s brewing challenges.

(Or if it really is an emergency, email us at and one of our Happiness Associates will be happy to make it right in your world again.)

Quick Tips


Never force the filter down when brewing. Doing so can cause hot brew to spill over!


For lifting the Smart Filter and Coffee Basket after brewing, make sure the brewer is completely empty.

For separating the Smart Filter and Coffee Basket, run the parts through warm water.

When in doubt, just run Simpli Press thru warm water. :)

Can't remove the Smart Filter from the Coffe Basket before brewing?

Hot tip: Don’t store the Smart Filter inside the Coffee Basket. This can cause the Filter Ring to lose its shape and shortens its lifespan.

Are coffee grounds gathering at the sides and you cant press down into the Coffee Basket?

Caution: Never force the Smart Filter down. This can cause hot brew to spurt out.